The Clean Machine


Wear a mask. 

Wash your hands. 

Keep a safe distance. 

Yes, we have heard it over and over again. These simple measures have proven to be essential in keeping our community safe over the past number of months. However, behind the scenes, we go to great lengths to make sure our school is as clean and safe as can be. And by ‘we’, I mean our six person maintenance team made up of Juan Carlos, Yesenia, Connor, Spencer, Brady and Connie. They work long, arduous hours to create a safe, sanitized work environment. They wipe down door handles and other high-touch surfaces multiple times throughout the day, clean bathrooms, sinks, and stairways and fog large spaces at night. Outdoors, they also work tirelessly to ensure our fields and common play areas are safe and tidy, as well. This incredible team does it all – and with a smile! The staff and students would like to take a moment to thank each one of you for all that you do. 

Thank you, Juan Carlos. 

Thank you, Yesenia. 

Thank you, Connor. 

Thank you, Spencer. 

Thank you, Brady.

Thank you, Connie.

Crestwood School Students & Staff