The Canadian Literature Class Gets a Special Visit

On Thursday morning, members of the Canadian Literature class were visited by Bishop Mark MacDonald, the Indigenous Bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada. The class has been studying Native-Canadian literature using the context of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. As non-Native students and teachers, it is our responsibility to learn about the historical place of Native Canadians in our country, as well how we can continue the healing process from the wounds left by the residential school system.

Bishop MacDonald spoke to the class about his grandfather’s experience in the residential school system, how it impacted his own family’s life, as well as the lives of other Native Canadians across the country. He also outlined a way forward, not simply a “rolling on” of the way Native Canadians have lived alongside non-Natives, but a “re-making of right relationships” between our peoples.

We are deeply appreciative of Bishop MacDonald’s time and his sharing of his stories.  The class continues our literary studies now with a deepened appreciation of the context in which Native-Canadian literature is written, and how we can relate to stories of Native-Canadians in the news.

Come and visit our classroom’s INTU (“I Need To Understand…”) board in Room 205 to see our continuing exploration of these questions and issues!

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