I would like to say a big thank you to all my Art Committee members. There was no Art Committee this year, but it played an integral role over the years. The students that took part spent a lot of time in the art room painting sets, creating costumes and making school plays so beautiful and memorable. Some of our Art Committee members are graduating this year and I cannot let them go without saying a heartfelt goodbye and sharing some memories.

Art Committee Members

Justin Lopes-Fitzgerald

Chloe Lopes-Fitzgerald

Divya Ghanekar

Dara Akodu

Sydney Ross

Leyli Shakeri- Rad

Jordan Mao

Charly Gelb

Lily Reinish

Rachael Paquin

Charlie Levy

Lilah Lewis-Wine

Mikhail Zaidi

Daniel Nekrich

Fergus Michael

Katelin Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Shira Sandler

Stella Guberman

MIa Telpner

Jordyn Smith

Joelle Levine






Anya Romanenko