Terry Fox Day

In 1980, Terry Fox had a dream of running across a nation to raise money for cancer research. Over the last thirty-one years, his message has been spread across the world. Since his death in 1981, annual Terry Fox runs across the globe have raised over $65 million in an attempt to find a cure for cancer. Crestwood is no exception.

On Friday, September 23, students at Crestwood were energetic and enthusiastic during the yearly Terry Fox Day event. Spirits were high and attitudes were bright and sunny – even if the weather was anything but. Being the troopers that they are, the Crestwood students tromped their way through the wet and chilly weather to participate in games, run the track, and cheer on their fellow classmates. First up on the schedule was an entertaining and slightly chaotic homeroom versus homeroom game of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Football. The game is played by having homerooms participating lining up on either side of the field and trying to get to the opposing ends. To get to the other side the students have to beat one another in a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Homerooms had a blast and some people – mainly the teachers – got quite competitive, jumping up and down and cheering on their students. Next up were the runs. Students from different grades, genders, and homerooms volunteered to compete against each other on the track. The rest of the Crestwood students donated their voices to the cause as they cheered on their classmates. In the grade seven/eight level, the winners were Tate Hopkins and Allison Martin. Emmanuel Zambazis and Caiti Skain were the winners in the grade nine/ten level. The senior level was won by Andrew Spanton and Alex Chan. Congratulations to the winners who truly ran their hearts out for the cause and did an amazing job! The rain may have been falling down, but it did not bring down our spirits! Way to go, Crestwood!