St. Felix House Says Thank You

During the month of December, Crestwood parents, children and staff generously donated over two thousand dollars to help make the holiday season brighter for the residents of St Felix House and Covenant House.  Below, is the heartfelt thank you that Crestwood Cares received from St Felix House administrator, Zena Gopal.

I want to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you on behalf of the residents and staff at StFelix House. For a second year in a row, the Crestwood community has had a significant hand in making the holiday season not just manageable, but an enjoyable time that our residents look forward to. We took a number of pictures on the evening of our Christmas dinner which I will send for you to share with you very shortly, and the residents would also like to send along individualized thank you messages.
 Again, thank you SO very much for all of your help in organizing this donation for StFelix House. With your help, not only were we able to ensure every resident received gifts this season, but we were able to hold a full Christmas dinner and celebration for women who cannot afford to partake in such festivities. There are truly no words I can use to fully capture the warmth and joy you provided, and your generosity literally brought tears to residents and support staff alike.

Many thanks to all those who participated in making it possible for Crestwood Cares to make such a profound difference in many people’s lives.  Look for the individual messages of appreciation in future newsletters.  I will have them included as we receive them.  Thank you again.

Patti Hektor
Crestwood Cares