Spring Festival of the Arts

April 26th marked Crestwood Preparatory College’s annual Spring Concert and Art Show where our Arts community gets the opportunity to display their collective talents.

The Visual Arts Department, guided by Ms. Mishka Sawka and Ms.Lisa Belanger, mounted a stunning display of student works which highlighted their burgeoning artistic skills. The gallery of art featured an incredibly diverse body of work of varying media style and imagination from all grade levels and was truly a ‘must-see’.

The Music Department, directed by Mr. Jeff Fong, put on its annual Spring Concert featuring student ensembles from Grades 8 through 12. The Grade 8 concert band gave an enthusiastic performance of “If I Were a Rich Man”, “The Rainbow Connection” and “Eye of the Tiger”. The Junior Jazz Band impressed the audience with “The Sesame Street Theme” and a fiery latin tune “El Gato Gordo”. The Crestwood Voices, conducted by Mr. Chris Jull, performed two very moving choir pieces, “Fly Away Home” and “Dirait On”. The Gr. 9/10 Concert Band performed a spectacular rendition of “Tchaikovsky’s Greatest Hits” culminating in an electrifying interpretation of the 1812 Overture which brought cheers from the appreciative audience. The Senior Jazz Band played a Duke Ellington classic “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be” and an exciting rock tune called “Get It On”. Adam Golden was a featured sax soloist along with terrific trumpet solos by Anthony Radford- Grant and Jad Abboud. The concert closed with the Senior Concert Band performing “Highlights from LA LA Land”, “Da Vinci Sketches” and “Duke Ellington in Concert”. Everyone played absolutely beautifully and it was the picture perfect ending to our musical school year.

All photo credits go to Adam Bacik ’14