Next Week’s Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal Rundown

Please have your children prepared for our rehearsal time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will walk together to Lawrence Park Church on Monday (June 4th) and Tuesday (June 5th). Students must dress for the weather and wear appropriate walking shoes (runners would be perfect). ONLY students who play trumpet, baritone, alto and tenor sax, bass clarinet and trombone should put their instrument (not music book!) outside the grade 6 roundabout, on the top platform in the appropriate place. (Students who arrive late or do not follow instructions will carry their own instrument to rehearsal space). There will be signs indicating where the grade 5 and 6 instruments should be placed.

All students will carry their own music. Flute, clarinet and recorder players will carry their own instruments and music.

Thank you everyone. Your help and cooperation getting this massive event put together is noticed and appreciated.

-K. Davies