Sports Update

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U14 Swimming 

On Wednesday, the U14 Swim Team had a fantastic meet at the CISAA Championship at the Markham Pan Am Centre.  With over half of the swims being best times, our swimmers proved they were competition in the water.

Impressive swims of the day included:  Megan Pearlman who placed second in 50m Backstroke, despite her shoulder injury.  Bora Kutun placed second in 50m Breaststroke and third place in 100m IM.  Armin Selzner won second place in 100m Freestyle and fourth place on his 50m Fly – an event that he had never completed till now.

Robert Muresan shed 4 whole seconds off his personal record in his 100m Freestyle, while Justin Soberman, Vincent Li, Hannah Cohen, Sydney Zuckerman, Julian Vinizki and Monica Altshuler also shed seconds off their previous personal best times.

Special shout out goes out to our timers Max Dolman and Alex Fallows, as the day wouldn’t have been as successful without their cheer and help.

Coaches Hecock, Wappel, and Lee would like to thank all swimmers for their splashing season.

IMG_5657IMG_5666 Swimming








The Open Curling Team travelled to Toronto Cricket Club this week to compete in the CISAA curling playoffs against the rink from Crescent. Despite falling behind early, the team kept fighting right up until the final end. Sadly, they were not able to close the deficit, and Crescent ended up victorious.

This marks the end of the Open Curling team’s season. Congratulations to Daven Siu, Hyeun Jun Chang, Bowen Oyuang, Aaron Greenspan, Joseph Eisentraut, and Owen Salter for a fantastic season.


U14 Basketball

What a great game this week! The team is anxiously awaiting the news on their potential playoff match. Check out these awesome pictures!

IMG_1031 IMG_1037 IMG_1043 IMG_1045 IMG_1051 IMG_1054 IMG_1057 IMG_1070 IMG_1078 IMG_1080 IMG_1101 IMG_1108 IMG_1131