Spirit Week (Dec 14 – 17).

Please take a look below for the special theme each day!!
Monday (Dec 14th):
Sports Day and/or Crazy hair & Sock Day –

Students can dress up in their favourite sports team wear, or as their favourite athlete. They can also choose to come with crazy hairstyles and/or crazy socks.

They may even choose to combine all elements and come in their favourite sportswear with crazy hair and crazy socks.
(Please do not not use dye in hair unless it can be washed out the next day).

Tuesday (Dec 15th):

Toonie Tuesday –

As for a regular Toonie Tuesday students that bring in a toonie can dress in grub clothes.

Wednesday (Dec 16th):
Mega House Colour Day! –

Students wear as much clothing with their house colour as they can.
Ex. Pine – Wear as much yellow as you can…yellow hat, yellow shirt, yellow pants, yellow socks etc.

Thursday (Dec 17th):
PJ Day –

Students can come in their comfy/cozy pyjamas and wear them for the day
(they should still bring proper winter gear for recess).

Holiday Dance Party –

Students will have the chance to be up and about dancing away with an internal live stream of some pop/dance tunes combined with some holiday classics to get them in the festive mood!