Spirit Week 2018

We heard our CPC Lions roar this week!!!  The Athletic Council put together another awesome spirit week again this year.  The week was filled with fun theme days, staff vs student challenges, senior CISAA games, and spirit rallies.  Students could be seen walking the halls in pjs, western gear, rainbow colours in support of pride day, grade colours and LivWise shirts.  Although the students put on a good display during staff vs student basketball, volleyball and reach for the top, it was the teachers who came out victorious in all three challenges.  This week we also saw both our Senior Boys’ Basketball team and Senior Girls Volleyball team play in front of the entire school and they did not disappoint.  The Senior Boys’ Basketball team put on a show defeating St. Michael’s College 75 – 48.  The Senior Girls’ Volleyball team started out strong against Albert College winning the first two sets.  Unfortunately, they ran out of steam and after 5 sets they fell a little short of a victory.  To cap off an amazing week, Friday was the spirit assembly.  After enjoying some tunes played by our jazz band, the grades battled one another in various challenges.  From eating ice cream blindfolded, to hungry hippo, to tic tac toe, to tug of war the grades fought hard.  In the end it was the grade 10s that won the colour war!!!  The grade 10s will be celebrating their victory with a grub day and a pizza lunch supplied by our Parents’ Association.  Not only is this a week of spirit and fun, we also raised funds for the LivWise foundation.  Olivia Wise was a beloved student of Crestwood who lost her battle to cancer in grade 10.  All funds collected this week go towards research for children’s cancers.  This year we are proud to announce that we raised $1115.00.  A big thank you to everyone involved in making this week an unforgettable one, the teachers and administration, the athletic council, the teachers and students, and of course the Parents’ Association for all of their support.