Spirit Point

The grade 9 students travelled up to Algonquin Park last week to embark on an outdoor education field trip. We arrived at Spirit Point Wilderness Academy and Camp on Wednesday September 8, excited for our upcoming adventure. Our first day was an exciting day of rock climbing, high ropes and trust initiatives, hiking, canoeing and orienteering followed by a great campfire. All of this was to prepare us for our hike and camp the following day. We woke up on Thursday morning, and after a delicious breakfast, we began to pack up clothes, sleeping bags, tents and food into back packs, and set out on a 15 kilometre hike to reach our campsite. It was a 3 hour hike, and most of us were very relieved when we reached the campsite and could rest. However, little did we realize that rest would have to wait. There were tents to go up, fires to build and dinner to make! All of our students demonstrated excellent attitudes as they went about setting up camp, even the students who had to wash dishes! After a great campfire with marshmallows and camp songs, and tired after a long day’s hike, everyone curled up in their sleeping bags for a good night’s rest. The following morning we awoke bright and early to pack up, make breakfast and set out on the hike back to Spirit Point where we would pack up the rest of our things and head back to Crestwood.

Many of our students had never hiked or camped before, while others are well seasoned trippers. This was a wonderful opportunity to see Crestwood students demonstrate leadership, compassion, and perseverance. As their teacher, I was truly proud of each and every one of them for challenging themselves, pushing each other out of their comfort zones, and helping each other along the way.