Spirit Point

This week the Grade 9 class traveled to Spirit Point in Nipissing to take part in a three day camping and leadership experience. Each day brought new challenges and experiences, and the students attacked these with great attitudes. 

For the day and night of outdoor camping, students were required to hike to their campsite, set up tents, collect firewood, build a fire, and prepare and cook dinner. Among all these camping chores, students also enjoyed games, stories, a sit and squat (20 minutes of silence!) and delicious s’mores (roasted over their very own campfire). Many students have never camped before and this was quite the experience!

Back at Spirit Point, the students developed their leadership skills by learning the attributes of great leaders. They even used the four elements (fire, earth, wind, and water) to describe leadership. Make sure to ask what element the students identified with! They also participated in canoeing, low ropes activities, frisbee golf,  and another wonderful campfire.

Great job to all Grade 9 students for such a successful and fun trip! What a great way to begin the new school year! 

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