Social Media at Crestwood Preparatory College

What are the possible uses of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in the school setting? Social Media allows Crestwood Preparatory College to provide a real time look into daily community interactions. CPC will be utilizing three platforms, all of which will provide parents, students and other community members with different forms of information. The school website is your main source of information. The website will feature articles about accomplishments and need to know information for the CPC community. Crestwood Preparatory College has had a Facebook page for the last few years. Facebook provides the CPC community with an opportunity to view photos. Photos are regularly added after school celebrations, sporting events, and class field trips. Twitter is a communication tool that allows parents and community members to view real time information. ‘Tweets’ are a series of messages that must be contained within 140 characters. By following the twitter account @crestwoodprep you will be able to interact with our growing Twitter community. Twitter posts, nicknamed ‘tweets’, will feature positive examples of classroom learning as well as up to date information that impacts our community on a daily basis.