Starts Today

Community Service has long been an important part of student life at Crestwood and the Crestwood Cares Community Service team would like to thank you for your unwavering support.

Our latest fundraiser supports children In Tanzania where many are left helpless, hopeless, and without care because their parents have died or cannot take care of them. In support of Neema International and their goal to help these children we have launched our “Skip It” campaign, which will run between October 19th and November 2nd.

Neema International is a non-profit organization that supports nearly 200 orphaned/vulnerable children. This project is close to our hearts because Crestwood graduate Ali Hanson is the assistant director of Neema International.

The Crestwood Cares community service team is challenging Crestwood students to “SKIP IT”. Students choose to forgo one or more treats or privileges that would have cost money, and to donate that money to the fundraiser instead.

The dollar value of the donation is not the greatest priority; rather, the opportunity for students to choose to make a personal gift to people in need is the emphasis of this fundraising strategy.


For example, a student could skip:

*a trip to the movie theatre

*spending this week’s allowance

*a family take-out dinner


Each child who participates in SKIP IT should fill out the leaf, attached to this letter, with his or her name, class, and the treat or privilege skipped.

Please do not record the donation amount on the leaf.

The leaf must be submitted, along with the donation, to your child’s classroom teacher by Friday, November 2nd, 2018.

These leaves will be added to the giving tree to recognize and celebrate these acts of giving. The Crestwood Cares team will assemble and display a SKIP IT giving tree for all to see.

Thank you again for your support!

-The Crestwood Cares Community Service Team