S.S. Ethie

Ms. Bryant would like to extend a huge, all-encompassing, world-turning congratulations to the cast and crew of Crestwood’s Sears Festival production of “S.S. Ethie.” The show, performed on Tuesday evening at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, went extremely well and students should be extremely proud of themselves.

None of this, however, could have been possible without the commitment and vision of our two directors, Jessie Cooke and Amy Cho, who worked tirelessly with the actors, and put in countless hours of work outside of rehearsal to ensure that everything went as planned. These two ladies are to be commended for their exceptional work, and their commitment to the project. Additionally, extra recognition goes to Mara Bowman, whose musical talent brought the world of the play to life.

We did Newfound, and by extension Canada, proud. Congratulations for an amazing evening! Awards will be announced at L’Amoreaux Collegiate on March 31st.