Roaming the ROM with Gr.5

On Friday, May 22nd the Grade 5 students at Crestwood School travelled to the Royal Ontario Museum. They examined artifacts, were told several legends and myths and were able to inspect mummies.

To begin with, I will discuss some artifacts found in Room 6. There were many stations, so you couldn’t get around to all, but on the wooden tables students were fascinated by all by all the artifacts First Nations People utilized. For instance, students were seen glancing at unique pieces of artifacts, such as lacrosse sticks, moccasins, horns, axes and so much more. It was an amazing experience! These young students got to create wonderful memories with others.

Not only did they all enjoy visiting the lab, they also got the privilege to listen to their young tour guide tell legends and myths. She told fictional stories about gods, and explained who they were. She captivated their attention while demonstrating several gestures. She told the story of the Greek god Hades. (The god of the underworld)

To conclude her presentation, she discussed how Ancient Egyptians were mummified. As she pointed to the tome she said and I quote “ This is a real Egyptian body. It’s been preserved since ancient times. “ She also talked about the body. She questioned the young minds. Then, she got the interesting stuff. She elaborated on and on about which body parts they took out. Including: the lungs, brain, livers and stomach.

It was a trip to remember and we learned lots of facts. It was a great way to end the unit.  

Grade 5 Student Leila Shapiro

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