Rhyming with 4B

There’s a room I know that’s the best around

It’s a place where the greatest kids can be found

It’s not on the moon and it’s not ‘cross the sea

It’s not an amusement park or on YouTube TV


You may wonder how I can come out and claim this

I’m no basketball star and I’m not TikTok Famous

What I am is a dad and so please listen to me

There’s no place you can go that’s as good as 4B.


I think you’d agree that you’d have to be daft

To not know AJ’s a whiz when it comes to Minecraft

No matter the season, winter, spring, summer or fall

Chances are you’ll find Lachlan out playing baseball


And if there is one way to take your day to the top,

May I suggest that you see Max. K do hip-hop

Speaking of great, I’ll just say “Oh my gosh.”

When I think of Max P. doing biking or squash.


Now for acting there’s an awesome link in this chain

You know her, you love her, her name is Lorraine.

Also up on the stage here’s another great thing.

It’s the sound of hearing our friend Hayley sing.


So many talents in 4B abound,

Like when you see Noa go dancing around.

Guess whose soccer talents are labeled sublime?

The big smiling pitch wizard we call Davis Klein.


You may not believe it, but I swear it won’t shock me

If Matthew and Rachel play professional hockey.

The basketball net is always under attack

When out on the court there’s a player named Zach.


If you want to get in on a very good deal

Check out Shira completing an amazing cartwheel.

Well that’s all the kids, a dozen in all

But there’s still one name that we’ve yet to call.


She’s leading the group with style and verve

Somehow all their chatter doesn’t fray her last nerve

I think you can guess our last superstar.

It’s your teacher, Jaclyn Alyssa Amar


She makes learning great, in class or online

Every moment with her is a wonderful time

You learn math and English, the science is great

And we especially love awesome cooking with Nate


So just keep on learning with all these great folks,

Listen for lessons and laugh at the jokes

Yes you’re all very lucky to have it so good

In the greatest of classes from all of Crestwood.


By: Jeremy Sandler