Return to Sport

We will be resuming our co-curricular athletic programming when we return to school on January 17th.  Games will not resume until the end of January and an updated schedule will be posted on team Edsby pages as soon as we have them.  For sports where we use rental facilities (hockey, swimming, curling), most facilities are remaining closed until Jan. 26th so we will not be able to begin those practices until then.
To ensure the safety of our student-athletes we will be following strict covid protocols;
  • changerooms will be CLOSED – therefore if you have a practice you must come prepared in your athletic clothing.
  • masks will be worn in the gym when possible (volleyball, curling, basketball – when low cardio)
  • practices will be limited to drills that focus on skills where players can be spread out and limit any one-on-one defense
  • all equipment will be sanitized before and after practices
If your child plays on a team and you are uncomfortable with them participating at this time, please let the coach know.  This will in no way affect their position on the team.
Please be aware that our OSBA basketball teams have been deemed Elite and are permitted to practice and play.  A safety plan has been developed by the OSBA and each individual school, and our plan has been approved by Toronto Public Health.
As with everything Covid related, this is an ever-changing situation, and we will be sure to keep you all informed as things evolve.  Practice schedules are being updated on a weekly basis as we await a new game schedule.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Lisa Newton at