Skin Colour Is Never A Crime, But Racism Is

These days, we keep seeing disappointing news reports about violent events that happened in North America because of racism against Asians. Crestwood Preparatory College disagrees with any racial hatred and commits to ethnic equality at all levels. Here we want to appeal to every Crestwood student and parent to stand up to racism. People of all skin colours should be respected. Please be concerned for people around you, if you find that they are being unequally treated because of racial discrimination, comfort them and support them to speak it out. Let us do what we can to fight against racial discrimination.

–Sophia Gu, Class of 2022



A timeline of Asians in Canada: “The Asia-Canada timeline presented here is a chronological record of over 200 years of history since the first Chinese settlers helped build a trading post in Nootka Sound. The timeline touches on the settlement history of various Asian groups, the discrimination that many suffered in our early history, accomplishments, firsts, biographies, and the gradual changes through which Canadian society came to accept the rights and equality of its Asian immigrants.”

A brief history of Asian Americans and allyship: compiled by Jennifer Ho at University of Colorado Boulder

PBS Asian Americans

Reports on Anti-Minority Incidents:

Summary of reports by CTV News

2020-2021 US report by STOP AAPI HATE

The model minority myth:

What Is The Model Minority Myth? by Sarah Soongling Blackburn

Asian Americans Are Still Caught in the Trap of the ‘Model Minority’ Stereotype. And It Creates Inequality for All by Viet Thanh Nguyen

What Is Fetishization And How Does It Contribute To Racism? by Janice Gassam Asare


How to report a hate crime in Canada:

Fight Covid Racism


Attend a hollaback! workshop on bystander intervention to stop anti-asian harassment

Letters4BlackLives: “This is the Canadian English version (with 19 translations) of the open ​letters​ created by Letters for Black Lives, an ongoing project for people in ​the U.S. and Canada​ to create and translate resources on anti-Blackness for their communities in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter ​and other movements for Black liberation​. The letters were written and translated collaboratively by hundreds of people who want to have honest and respectful conversations with their ​families and communities​ about an issue important to them.”