Pumpkins for iPads and The Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf

Please remember that pumpkins are still for sale at the atrium with ALL proceeds going directly to benefit your children. For those of you who have been asking, ALL of the funds generated from the pumpkins are going towards the purchasing of 20 new iPads and other technological enhancements in our children’s classrooms.

If you have already bought pumpkins for your home but would like to participate in our fundraiser, we have decided to partner with The Bob Rumball Foundation for the Deaf, and will be donating pumpkins to their residents for their Halloween party.  You can therefore still purchase a pumpkin and we will then donate them in your family name to The Bob Rumball Centre to brighten their Halloween!

Please send cash or cheques to your classrooms, to the office or to faculty at pick-up or drop off and indicate if you would like the pumpkin for home or to donate.

Thanks for your continued support!