Dear Parents,

Happy November! What a beautiful start to the month, starting with this unexpected burst of great weather! We started this week in boots and snow pants, and ended with T-shirts and shorts! Another friendly reminder to make sure your child is coming to school dressed for the weather for their recesses and gym classes. 

This week in the Junior Division, Fill Up with Mrs. Fuller focused on boosting self-esteem. We started by recognizing our own strengths and the strengths of our classmates. We learned some new self esteem boosting activities, and focused on the idea of having an “I Can Attitude”; choosing to think positively and seeing the best in every scenario can be a real self esteem booster. We played a drama game called “Negative Ned Meets Positive Pat” and explored how we all have the ability to choose our reaction, and we can all choose to be positive, regardless of the situation (which is often out of our control). Ask your child about some of the other self esteem boosting activities they are challenged to incorporate into their daily lives.  

In the Primary Division, the students further explored what being kind is and recognized the many kind gestures we exhibit everyday. These gestures are seen at home, in the classroom and on the playground. Acknowledging kindness in others and being kind to ourselves will help us spread a community of empathic people. Saying, “Thank you”, “Please”, “Good morning”,  and just saying, “Hello”, are those small gestures that go a long way. 

Looking ahead to next week, we will be having our ZOOM Parent Teacher Conferences. Please book your appointment time on Edsby if you haven’t already done so. There are no classes Thursday due to the conferences and Friday is a PA Day. We look forward to enjoying more warm weather with the students next week. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and enjoy the outdoors!

Amy Fuller & Sharon Liebenthal