Dear Parents,

November has been an extremely busy month; we can’t believe it’s almost December! The sudden change in weather reminded us that we need to make sure to have our snow gear ready to go for snow play. We do enforce that all students playing in the snow must be wearing snow pants and boots. We have spent the last couple of weeks reminding students of our rules for outdoor dress and safe snow play. We will continue to work with you to ensure students have fun, while staying safe and dry when playing this winter outdoors.

There have been many exciting field trips and guest speakers for our students throughout November. Students have visited the Kortright Centre, Young People’s Theatre, the Legislative Buildings, Reptilia and Ripley’s Aquarium, to name a few. At our school we also had a French cooking class, a holocaust survivor guest speaker, scientists in the school and more! In addition, our winter sports teams have begun with basketball, volleyball, and hockey all underway. We look forward to more special events coming up in December!

This month we had an outstanding Remembrance Day assembly organized by the Grade 6 team. Their theme of “Children in Times of War” made the assembly accessible to our students and did a wonderful job of helping students relate to events that happened many decades ago. The Grade 6 students presented with confidence and set an appropriately somber tone for the event. A special thank you to our musical guests, the Junior Choir, Emiline Lo and Hayden Yoo.

In sessions with Ms. Fuller and Ms. Maalouf, Junior students talked about their emotional temperatures and strategies to regulate themselves back to a temperature that “feels good”. We also talked about how high emotional temperatures can sometimes lead to conflict. We used dramatic skits to explore some different conflict resolution strategies.

We finished our short week this week with Parent Teacher Conferences. Thank you to all of you for making time to come in or meet on Zoom to discuss your child’s progress. It was great to welcome parents into our classrooms once again. A big thank you to our House Head door knockers for volunteering their time to help facilitate our meetings.

We will continue to collect non-perishable food and new toys until December 1st. Thank you to everyone who has brought in bags of food and beautiful toys; our bins are overflowing! If you haven’t already, please consider donating next week!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend and we look forward to welcoming the final month of 1st term next week!