Dear Parents

Needless to say, hearing the news this past week about not being able to return to school for the remainder of the school year was devastating! That being said, we are a strong community and we will continue to put our best effort forward and complete the 2020/2021 strong.   

In the Primary division with Mrs. Liebenthal, students identified all the ways in which they show kindness. The smallest gesture such as a smile, a greeting, taking one dish off from the table after dinner are all kind gestures that go a long way.  Kindness is contagious and leaves the giver and the receiver feeling good about themselves. Please acknowledge the big AND small acts of kindness you see in your family. If we all plant one seed of kindness we can make this world a better place right now.

Fill Up with Mrs. Fuller focused on resilience, and boy have these students shown incredible resilience this year! Practicing a growth mindset and believing that with effort and practice, we can achieve anything – are key ingredients for bouncing back after a challenge or an obstacle blocks your way. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the Househead candidate speeches on Friday, and we are excited for our future student leaders to impress us with their creativity and leadership in the 2021/2022 school year! 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Amy Fuller & Sharon Liebenthal