Dear Parents,

The spring weather has finally arrived! With the sunshine and warmer weather, we hope everyone’s spirits are staying high, despite these challenging times. We know remote learning continues to be extremely difficult on students, staff and parents. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate these last few weeks of school.

We loved coming together on Wednesday this week for our virtual assembly to kick off our Jump Rope for Heart fundraising event. Thank you to our student presenters, Nurse Sharon, Mr. Cooper and the house heads for your work to prepare for the assembly. We hope the students learned a lot about heart healthy habits and about the great work that is done by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. We encourage you to support our fundraiser by joining Crestwood’s fundraising page online. You can find all the information on your child’s Edsby homepage, along with how students can participate in our skipping challenges.

The Primary Division sessions with Ms. Liebenthal focused on emotions. This week we examined the emotion of “Anger” and the many ways in which we all deal with this emotion. Students identified what makes them angry and what helps them calm down. We listened to a story and heard some strategies to help ourselves when we get angry.  Some of the ones we discussed were: to walk away, take some deep breaths, do some physical activities like running around the garden, riding a bike and even doing some jumping jacks. Some other strategies were to talk it out, draw, and even to just cuddle up with a favourite toy.

In the Junior Division, Fill Up with Mrs. Fuller is focusing on Gratitude this week. We are looking at different categories of gratitude and the benefits to expressing gratitude to yourself and others. Thinking about what we are grateful for during a time where there are so many challenges and restrictions can be a great way to stay positive and improve our mental and emotional health. I challenge students to try keeping a gratitude journal over the next couple of weeks; write down one or 2 things each day that they are thankful for. We will follow up in a couple of weeks and discuss if writing down their feelings of gratitude on a daily basis helped their mood.

We hope you all enjoy what should be a beautiful weather weekend!

Amy Fuller & Sharon Liebenthal