Pride Week

CPC’s Queer-Straight Alliance hosted a successful Pride Week this week, filled with fun activities aimed at empowering students to be their true selves. The QSA, with the support of YARRD, hosted a moving Town Hall on Wednesday, featuring a talk by CPC alumna Lindsey Swartzman who courageously shared her coming out story with our school’s community. Additionally, throughout the week, the QSA screened the award-winning film Love, Simon, a romantic comedy about the struggles of coming out as gay in a heteronormative world. Pride Week culminated in rainbow-themed toonie grub day, with proceeds going to support Native Child and Family Services, and a celebration during Thursday’s lunch, where QSA and YARRD members set up a booth in the foyer, selling rainbow-coloured baked goods and encouraging students to write a message explaining what pride means to them. Happy Pride, CPC! And remember, love is love!