Poetry in Voice

On Thursday, February 7, 2019, the CPC English Department hosted the final round of the third annual “Poetry in Voice” Competition. Last term, all Grade 9 students participated in a class-wide poetry recitation competition; students selected a poem to analyze, annotate, memorize and, finally, recite in front of the class. This week, the Grade 9 finalists faced-off against one and other in our school-wide stage of the competition. This year’s finalists included Robert Dumoulin-White, Hayden John, Jamie MacGregor, Isabel Dantzer and Angele Foroughe. We had a great bunch of staff and student judges, including Ms. Winograd who took a break from her maternity leave to join us! A big thank you to all of this year’s finalists, but a BIG congratulation to Robert Dumoulin-White for winning this year’s competition! Robert will now go on to create a video of his recitation to submit as part of CPC’s entrance in the “Poetry in Voice” Online Semi-Finals. Good luck to Robert as he prepares for the next phase of the competition!