Parents Association

Fabbrica Night!
Fabbrica night was a great success. Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it happen and to everyone who participated. It was a night that reinforces the many reasons why we are part of the Crestwood community.

The service was fantastic and the food was delicious. It was a wonderful setting for everyone to mingle and enjoy the many easy flowing and fun conversations.

Events like this reinforce our connections to our community and the members that it consists of. Some are basketball enthusiasts, some hockey, some are currently world travellers, some have travelled and want to settle in Canada and make it their home,  some are cyclists, some are swimmers, some have attended university out west, out east, and some that have studied abroad.

I am always surprised and delighted at how much we all have in common even though we all come from varied backgrounds. Taking the opportunity to meet other parents and staff that I have never met before or have only briefly met. For those of you that could not make it for various reasons, please try to make it to the next event. It is a welcoming, lovely, diverse and dynamic community and you are should part of it.