Martini, Wilfred

Wilfred Martini grew up in a little mining town in Germany called Hamm. He was 11 years old when the war started. He enrolled in the Hitler Youth Program and was drafted into the Artillery at 15 years old. He was then sent home for a year then drafted into the infantry. He fought Americans

Loweth, Gerald

Gerald Loweth came to us courtesy of the Royal Canadian Military Institute, where he has been a featured speaker. Gerald continues to teach at University of Toronto’s Trinity College. Gerald brought a different perspective to Crestwood’s interviews. As an American, growing up in New Jersey against the backdrop of the Great Depression and war, Gerald

Kewen, Charlie

When the war first broke out, Mr.Kewen was a young man from Saskatoon who was still in school. On Oct 10, 1940, with support from his family, he joined the army after all of his friends had joined. Like his younger brother, he wanted to be an navigator, but instead worked as a mechanic on

Garnet, Sam

Sam Garnet was born March 28, 1923; he served in the RCAF during WWII. After training that took him across Canada and to the Bahamas, Sam was eventually seconded to the RAF, where he joined Coastal Command. Sam was a wireless air gunner who served on B-24 Liberators; he spent most of his war doing

Aldred, Jack

˜Jack Aldred was born and raised by his father, a war veteran, and his mother, in downtown Toronto. ˜Mr. Aldred always looked up to his older brother, so when his brother went off to fight in the navy, so did Mr. Aldred. ˜Mr. Aldred says that it was “just the thing to do” at the

Campbell, David

David Campbell is Corey Campbell’s grandfather. He was interviewed for this project in early 2008. During the war David worked in the aircraft industry; as an essential employee he was therefore exempted from military service, though he did try to enlist on two occasions. On the second try he ended up being injured in training,

Crestwood Preparatory College Alumni Make Canada’s Junior Hockey Team

Freddie Hamilton, Dougie Hamilton and Jamie Oleksiak, three former Crestwood Preparatory College students, earned spots on Canada’s Junior Team that will compete in the upcoming World Championships starting on December 26th in Calgary and Edmonton. All three boys played together at Crestwood before departing in order to try to fulfilling their dream of playing in

Alumni News

BRANCHING OUT – ALUMNI NEWSLETTER Second Edition The Crestwood community reaches far beyond the walls of the school and this publication is a special way of keeping in touch with those that have moved on to begin their lives beyond the walls of Crestwood Preparatory College. Alumni have shared their experiences with post secondary education,