Our Parents’ Association Social a Hit!

I want to thank our Parents’ Association for organizing the warm,  charming and fun-filled social held at “The Fix” Thursday night. The PA’s talents for producing successful friend-raising events were evident from the first minute one walked through the door. The conversations were light and plentiful… the food and beverages excellent fare for parents and teachers taking a break from a long day at work, and not a sad or bored countenance was seen on any of the 150 people in attendance.
Things that look easy usually take a considerable amount of work, something our PA has never shied away from. This year it looks like we have an enthusiastic bumper crop of “old” and new parents to assist in bringing our community together, and enriching the lives of our students in the process.
The social was a great way to kick off the new school year. Thanks to our PA for all their work and efforts. Please continue to support its programs during the entire year… or join up and help out!
Best wishes to all:
Vince Pagano