PA News

1. Attention all grade 11 students. For a very limited time grad sweatshirts and ties for the Class of 2013 will be on sale. Put your orders in now. Take a look and try them on Tuesday at the Bake Sale.

2. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered for our bake sales, they are always a hit, thanks to our incredible bakers. Get your last fix on Tuesday May 15.

3. Please join us for a Volunteer Appreciation Reception May 17 in the cafeteria after dropping your kids off. If time allows, we would love to see you at the Annual General Meeting where you will hear about current programs and initiatives and some of the plans for the next school year, and meet your PA for the next school year.

4. Can we help you in reducing the pile for your “to do lists”? The deadline for the bundles order is extended until May 15. Leave it in our hands and we will get the binders, paper, pens, etc. that your child will need for September. For more information contact Sue Beamish, or pick up a form from the office.