Oobleck Matters in Gr.5

This past week our Grade 5 scientists investigated to see whether their cornstarch/water mixture acted like a solid or a liquid? Based on our understanding of the characteristics of matter the answer may surprise you.

Here’s what you need:


Pitcher of Water

Aluminum pie pans

Measuring cups

Mixing spoon

Newspaper for covering tables

Food coloring or tempera paint (for fun)

What to do:

Place one and a half cups of cornstarch in a pie pan

Add one cup of water, and stir well.

Add more water or cornstarch until you get a mixture that ‘tears’ when you quickly scrape your finger through it and then ‘melts’ back together again.

Squeeze it…Squish it…Scoop it…Pinch it…What happens?

-L. Pembridge


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