Online Athletic Activities

As part of the Online Learning Program Crestwood School is offering Online Athletic Activities, which may include a workout class, yoga, Tabata, dance or circuit training. In this regard, Crestwood physical education classes are bringing motivational workouts, health and fitness content and resources to your home as part of its online learning community.

The student may complete this session in a Zoom class or offline independently by accessing the video from their Edsby account.  The Online Athletic Activities may include an external link to a session or class. The Online Athletic Activities will always have a teacher supervising the activities while participating in their scheduled gym class.

The student is expected to comply with applicable rules and regulations, including directions and instructions from teachers and coordinators, when participating in Online Athletic Activities. The student is also expected to act safely and responsibly and follow the safety policies and procedures associated with the Online Athletic Activities at all times.

Parents and guardians understand that the Online Athletic Activities involve a risk of both minor and serious injuries including minor sprains and strains. These injuries may result from the student’s own negligence, failure to follow direction, misadventure or, due to the nature of the Online Athletic Activities, without fault on either part of the student, Crestwood or its employees or agents.

Parents and guardians recognize that the choice of having the Participant engage or participate in Online Athletic Activities brings with it the assumption of those risks and results, which are part of this program or activity.

It is Crestwood’s view that while we stay at home for the greater good, it’s more important than ever to find ways for our students to protect and enhance their physical and mental health.

In the event that parents or guardians object to or have any questions about the student participating in the Online Athletic Activities, please do not hesitate to contact

Yours truly,

Sherri Brenzel, Athletic Director