On-Line Declarations and Drop-offs and Pick-ups

Dear Crestwood Preparatory College Community:

I hope this communication finds you all well.

Teachers have reported for duty and are preparing for the start of school next week. Despite the obvious concerns before us, I am very confident that we will provide the usual high standards in academic program delivery as well as keep our students and staff safe during this difficult time.

Orientation Day has been redesigned to allow for smaller gatherings. Important information will be provided on this occasion. Of course, the same information will be shared with families who have chosen online learning. I would like to remind all families that while changing to online from “live” will not be a complicated matter, the reverse could present some problems or delays. Please do not send your (declared) “online” son or daughter to school unless you receive clarification from the school’s administration. The great majority of our parents have already communicated their preference, thank you. If you have yet to do so, please inform us by the end of this week. I ask that parents who have already communicated their choice ( I know that this “choice” was both difficult and/or necessary ) do not call the main office to confirm.

Here is the link if you still need to reach out:

Crestwood Program Declaration

To one of the most important matters at hand, then. 

Given the rules regarding parent entry into the building, drop-off and pick-up times could get confusing. I know that every single precautionary tale regarding our parking lot over the years has never really “solved” the problem at hand. Under current circumstances, this advisory needs to be understood and heeded by all.

Staff will park vehicles in the east lot. For this reason, as well as for the playground a good portion of the lot becomes after school, parents must not use the east entrance and lot to pick up their kids. That leaves the west lot.  It will be impossible for potentially two hundred vehicles to time a perfect roll around and front door pick up. The early birds may be able to find a parking spot and wait. Some will be able to park on the south side of Brookbanks and wait. I strongly encourage that others make arrangements for their sons and daughters to meet them at a convenient location without coming into the parking lot at all.

Our security guard will be on duty after school. He or she will have complete control of the traffic and any misguided attempts in the West lot. Please follow their directions, and be kind. It is a thankless job.

Finally, and student drivers will be reminded of this as well, drive in our lot or anywhere near the school with extreme caution.  (Click on the link to view Entry/Exit door locations.)

Entrance Locations to School by Grade WITH Parking Lot Directions

Best wishes to all.

Vince Pagano