Wu Xianbin

Wu Xianbin is a private citizen in Nanjing, China, one with a passion for history.  His commitment to keeping alive the memory of the Nanjing Massacre is second-to-none, as evidenced in the private museum he has founded in the city.  Mr. Wu believes that history offers a guideline not only to the past, but to the present and future as well.  He is concerned about the state of present Japanese politics and education, where he sees a resurgent denialism that he attributes to the entrenchment of Shinzo Abe’s views.  To combat this, Mr. Wu founded his museum, and he is a frequent visitor to Japan, where he has mounted numerous exhibits.  In July 2017 Mr. Wu agreed to an interview with Scott Masters and Alissa Wang, where he shared his ideals and hopes.

In July 2017 Crestwood teacher Scott Masters took part in Alpha Educations Peace and Reconciliation Tour.  Seventeen educators, activists, lawyers, and documentarians toured China and Korea, learning about the Asian perspective on the Second World War, and exploring ways to raise awareness of this side of the war to a non-Asian audience.  The tour was organized by Don Tow, as part of his ongoing efforts to stimulate social justice education and to improve Asian-American understanding and relationships.

Please note that this interview is in Chinese, with the English translation at the end of each segment.