Williams, Don

Don Williams served in the Canadian army during the Korean War.  He grew up against the backdrop of the Second World War, experiencing the ups-and-downs alongside fellow Canadians during that changing time.  As the Cold War escalated, he enlisted for his own war, and with basic training he was assigned to the PPCLI, designated as an infantryman.  He and his regiment made their way to Korea as part of the United Nations contingent, ready to play their role in the fight against global communism.  They found themselves fighting as part of a multinational force, working to hold back the North Koreans and Chinese.  Bill saw action on the front, experiencing the harsh reality of combat.  When the truce came in 1953, he returned to Canada, ready to play his role as the “Fabulous 50s” took hold of North America.  Many years later, Bill worked to commemorate the Korean War, and he was instrumental in the building of a memorial wall in Brampton, Ontario.

Don Williams was interviewed at the Sunnybrook Veterans’ Wing by a delegation of Crestwood students in December 2018.