Wheatley, Kim

Kim Wheatley is an Ojibwe Anishinaabe Grandmother from Shawanaga First Nation Reserve who carries the spirit name Head or Leader of the Fireflower and who is Turtle Clan. She has appeared on TV, radio and in many news articles connected to her passion for Indigenous Knowledge sharing. Kim has worked with over 34 First Nation communities, having organized many Indigenous events, and she has authored 4 books, and has received multiple awards.  She also volunteers on a variety of boards as an Indigenous Advisor.  On November 19, 2019, Kim visited us at Crestwood for out 4th Human Rights Symposium, where we have continued to pursue the theme of reconciliation.  Kim started our day with a prayer and delivered a workshop; she also agreed to do sit down with some of our students journalists for this interview.  We thank her for being a part of our special event.