Wallace, Al

 Al Wallace was born in Toronto in1920 on Brock Avenue (which was off Bloor Street).  Al and his family lived on Gladstone Avenue.  He went to Dovercourt  Public School, which was on Hallam Street,  and he graduated in 1938.  After this, he went to Central Tech for one year.  However, Al was unable to go back to school after this, as he quit school to find a job and help out at home.  Al remembers chumming around  with some of his friends ; he also remembered that sports was the main entertainment.   Al eventually went to Loblaw’s and put in an application there for a job – two weeks later, they called him and told him which store he needed to go to.  He also joined the army reserve and subsequently joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in Jan. 1941.  He attended the BCATP schools and made his way overseas.  He and his crew  were then transferred to a  base in the north of England – the RAF Middleton St George/419 Bomber Squadron.   Al was an air gunner and he did fifteen and a half air operations with his crew at 419.  One night, on a trip to the city of Duisburg in the Ruhr Valley, the plane was shot down.  Al was taken as a POW and spent the remainder of the war in German prison camps, including Stalag Luft III, where the “Great Escape” took place.
Al Wallace visited Crestwood in September 2014 and February 2015, where he was interviewed for this project by Aidan Reilly, Guanghao Chen, Amal Ismail-Ladak, Andy Cai and Matti MacLachlan.