Tinsley, Brenda

LCol. Brenda Tinsley  was born in Hamilton, Ontario. She grew up in a military family and as a teen was a member of the Sea Cadets. After high school she attended the Royal Military College of Canada where she obtained a degree in Military and Strategic Studies. She began working in the NORAD Operations Centre located at CFB North Bay. She eventually became an instructor at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control operations. She then deployed to Kuwait as a part of Operation Inherent Resolve, where she worked both in planning and operation phases. She later returned to North Bay where she became the first female commanding officer of a squadron at CFB North Bay. In 2019-202 she attended the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, and on two occasions she visited Crestwood, first to take part in our Remembrance Day assembly, and then to do this interview with students from the Politics classes and MUN clubs.  We thank her for her  time and service!