Taylor, Heber

  • Heber Taylor was born in Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador.  When the war came along, Heber began working for Bell.  In 1941 he decided to enlist.  Heber volunteered so that he would be able to choose where he would serve. With the decision in his hands, he chose to fight as part of the Royal Canadian Air Force.  At the elementary station, Heber learned how to do “Flunky Jobs”, such as groundcrew, as well as experiencing flying a plane for the first time.  Later on, he was posted to Dunnville, Ontario, where he mastered his training with Harvard aircraft and received his Wings.  After the war, the family was reunited. They settled in Scarborough, Ontario,  where he and his wife raised a family.  Heber was very lucky not to have been in action in the war. He had been assigned to a mission, but before it happened, VE Day occurred.  Heber was interviewed at Sunnybrook by Justin Bowen, Danielle Gionnas, and Hunter Kell.