Talbot, Bill

Bill Talbot grew up against the backdrop of 1930s Toronto.  When his father, a World War One veteran, passed away, Bill dropped out of school to help his mother make ends meet.  When the war came along, Bill enlisted, eventually finding his way into the First Canadian Parachute Regiment.  Training took place in both the U.S. and Canada, and Bill was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia, in addition to other camps.  He made his way overseas and began to prepare for the inevitability of D-Day.  Bill was among the first Canadians into France, on the night of June 5-6.  His Battle of Normandy lashed for about one month, when a sniper’s bullet ended the war for him.

Bill came to us with Jack Reid; both men were interviewed in October 2013, with Bill sitting down with Liam Mayer, Nick Mennell, Antony Cook and Zach Brown.