Switzer, Bill

Bill Switzer was born in 1923 in Midland, Ontario.  He grew up in a “nice town to have a family” where he played, had fun and worked after he was done school.  He came from a large family with 5 brothers and 5 sisters.  His father was a mailman throughout most of his life,and most importantly during the depression.  When the war came, Bill chose the RCAF.  He went through the BCATP training, and became a bomb aimer.  When the war was over, he came back to Canada, married and went to work.  For some of those years, he worked for the Avro Company, where he was involved in the Arrow project.  He then moved on to Dairy Queen, opening a franchise in Toronto.

Bill Switzer was interviewed at the Sunnybrook veterans’ Wing for the Oral History Project in May 2019 by William Dennison, Tim Kufner, Caleb Arthur and Arielle Meyer.