Stern, George

George Stern survived the Holocaust in Hungary.  A teenage boy at the time, George lost most of his family, but he was fortunate to go into hiding in the countryside.  He remembers that he lost his Barmitzvah to the war.  When the conflict was over, he emigrated to Israel and later to Canada, where he built a successful life and raised a family which includes his grandson Josh, a Crestwood alumnus.  George was interviewed for this project by Natalie Krause and Kristen Stribopoulos.


  • George with Kristen and Natalie
  • George and his family
  • Stern and Berta Fulop, George's Grandparents
  • George's cousins - Jeno, Lili, and Ivan
  • 19 year old George - in the Israeli army
  • George's mother, age 16
  • George's wife's family in the Budapest ghetto, 1944
  • George and his father - wartime identification papers
  • Judy and George's wedding photo, 1951
  • George and friends in the army, 1949
  • George and family in the Sao Paolo apartment
  • Judy Stern in Israel, 1950