Short, Norm

Norm Short served in the Canadian Army during the Second World War.  Born in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, the young Norm moved to Quebec along with his family when they settled in Shawinigan Falls.  When the war came, Norm joined up in Montreal, as part of the Essex Scottish Regiment.  he completed his basic training and waited until his 19th birthday, when he was sent overseas.  In England he was trained as a motorcycle dispatch rider.  After D-Day, Norm headed across the Channel on D+5, and he was called to duty as the Battle of Caen was raging.  Norm took part in the terrible Battle of Carpiquet, a costly Canadian victory before the Falaise Gap and the collapse of the German army in France.  Norm and his fellow soldiers moved across northern Europe, liberating towns and civilians and enjoying the fruits of their labours.  With VE Day, Norm headed back to England, and then Canada, settling into the postwar rhythm of life in Toronto.

We met Norm in the Sunnybrook Veterans’ Wing in December 2017, when he was interviewed by a delegation of Crestwood students over the December Break.