Price, Randy

Randy Price was born May 29, 1953 in the Neutral Hills area of Alberta, and attended school in the small community of Consort.  He chose to join the Canadian Forces in the early 1970s, opting for the infantry.  During that phase of his career he was deployed to Cyprus as part of the United Nations’ peacekeeping efforts in the region.  Later Randy would go to officer training and become a pilot, a good illustration of the variety of options available to members of the Forces.  He had the opportunity to fly multiple aircraft and became commander of Squadron 413, and he has been able to travel to many areas of Canada, seeing the beauty and the scope of the country from sea-to-sea-to-sea.  In terms of missions, he was involved in Operation Morning Light, mounted after a Soviet nuclear satellite came down in Canada’s Far North.  This was an important recovery operation where Randy and the crew were exposed to high radiation levels.  His next stop would be Sea-Air Rescue (SAR), where he was involved in the Box Top 22 rescue effort in the Far North.  Now Colonel Price was also deployed internationally, serving as the Canadian liaison officer in Operation Calumet, where he oversaw patrols and negotiations in the Sinai and helped to maintain peace between Israel and Egypt.  Closer to home, he was appointed to the Permanent Joint Board of Defence, securing Canadian-American cooperation on continental threats.  Colonel Price had a storied military career, and Crestwood students were fortunate to meet him for a discussion on zoom in the spring of 2021.