Noddle, Jim

James Noddle was born over a bakery in the East End of Toronto to a poor large family. Growing up, he became particularly fond of trucks, and this interest continued on post-war. When the war began, he wasn’t too interested in it; however, soon he joined. His main duties in the war in Italy included working with tanks as part of a tank unit. Being in Italy was a totally new experience for him, since he met soldiers from different parts of the world as well as Italian girls. Unlike most veterans, he was lucky to avoid bloody battles, but he was an important member of the battle in Monte Cassino. Life in Toronto was completely different once he returned from the war as the city developed and new technologies such as the television came about. Having just turned 100, Mr. Noddle is a man with a lot of great and significant memories to share.

Crestwood students Izabella Osme and Akib Shahjahan interviewed Mr. Noddle at the Muir Retirement Residence in Newmarket in January 2015.