Morgan, Don

Don Morgan is a Canadian World War Two veteran who grew up in rural Ontario.  When the time came to enlist, Don chose the air force, and after considerable training in different locations across Canada, he was ready to be a pilot.  Further training in England ensued, and Don and his crew were ready to begin missions, on Wellington and Halifax.  Don remembers that many early missions focused on the U-boat pens at St-Nazaire, though they completed missions to the Ruhr region as well.  On one of those emissions, they were hit; Don kept the plane going while the crew bailed out.  When he jumped, he thought he might have heard one of the gunners still in the aircraft, something that haunted him.  He hit the ground and was in German custody by the next day, and Stalag Luft III awaited him.  He recalls that life in the camp was not easy, but that the German guards treated them satisfactorily.  The men greeted the end of the war with great joy, and the return to England and Canada went smoothly.

We met Don Morgan at the Sunnybrook Veterans Wing, where he was interviewed in April 2015.