Morgan, Allen

Allen Morgan was born May 10, 1927, and he grew up on a farm near Hudson, New Hampshire.  Allen remembers working hard on that farm, all of it against the backdrop of the Great Depression.  He had a good childhood though, attending school and playing baseball and hockey and occasionally catching a movie.  The war came in 1941, but Allen’s time came in 1945, when he turned 18.  The war ended when he was in basic training though, so the army came up with a different plan and sent him to Panama, where he was involved in field research at the Army School of Malariology.  That’s where Allen spent his time in the war, helping the army in its study of DDT; he also played baseball and had a memorable encounter with Panamanians regarding a bushel of bananas.  Soon enough he was demobilized and returned home, where he learned that one of his good friends had been killed in the Battle of the Atlantic.  Allen made it a mission to have his friend remembered, and the name Milton Tufts has been memorialized because of Allen’s efforts.  Allen himself returned to New England, where he went to university and started working; he also married and raised a family, finding his place in the postwar United States.  Scott Masters interviewed Allen over zoom in the spring of 2021, thanks to Bruce and Terry Brady.


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