Moore, Dalton

Dalton Moore was born August 2, 1931 in the hamlet of Horning’s Mills; when he was four the family moved to Toronto – right in the midst of the Great Depression. Dalton’s early years happened against that economic backdrop, as well as the subsequent war. When World War Two came along, Dalton’s older brothers went off to fight, while Dalton continued his education. He attended Central Tech, leaving after Grade 11. His brothers returned home, and resumed their lives, as postwar Canada transitioned into a new threat – the Cold War. Dalton enlisted in the army as the 1950s began, and a few months later Canadian troops were committed to aid United Nations forces in Korea, where communist forces from the North had invaded the South. Dalton went over with the Canadian contingent, travelling alongside American troops on the SS Buckner. The ship stopped in japan, and Dalton enjoyed his brief time in Japan before heading to war. As a member of the Signal Corps, Dalton was a communications specialist, detailed to different regiments while the war raged on. He spent a year there, leaving before the ceasefire had been settled. Dalton remembers that there was little fanfare when he returned to Canada – he even paid a streetcar fare in Toronto! Still a young man, he settled into 1950s Canada, working a series of jobs and careers and finding his way alongside the others of his generation.

Dalton was interviewed for this project in January 2019 by Scott Masters and Eric Brunt, courtesy of RCL Branch 258 and Veterans Service Officer Bryan Bennett.