McGregor, Andy

Major Andy McGregor hails from Woodstock, Ontario, and is a currently serving member of the Canadian Forces.  He traces his interest in the military to the 9/11 attacks, which happened when he was in high school.  He ended up attending Canada’s Royal Military College and since has risen through the ranks, and has deployed on a number of occasions, including a stint in Afghanistan.  During his time there he was actively involved in training Afghan forces, working with the NATO alliance and the Afghan allies.  Other notable deployments included a NATO assignment in Latvia, where NATO forces acted as a deterrent to potential aggression in the region.  In both cases Major McGregor engaged the students with his stories, pointing out the issues that arose during his time overseas, as well as commenting on those intrinsic to any operation of this type.  Major McGregor also went on to serve in Israel/Palestine as part of Operation Proteus, endeavouring to bolster security in the troubled region.  In 2020-21 he attended the Canadian Forces College in Toronto (remotely, because of the pandemic), working on an advanced degree in military studies.  He bravely volunteered to spend some time with Mr. Masters/Politics 12 class, and we were able to interview him about his career and experiences over zoom, so students can continue to see how international relations work in the real world.