Lawr, Sheldon

Sheldon Lawr was born in Brampton, Ontario on 1922, and grew up in nearby Georgetown. He is the second eldest of his three brothers. Due to the economic difficulties of the Great Depression, Sheldon Lawr never completed high school, instead he worked on farms (including a memorable journey to the Prairies via boxcar) and at a airplane assembly plant in Malton, Ontario.  Despite being trained in heavy and light infantry, Mr. Lawr spent most of the war working as a transport driver, carrying supplies behind the Allies as they advanced from Normandy to Germany. Mr. Lawr’s journey allowed him to see the devastation that war had caused to the continent, particularly in Liberated Holland. After the war, Mr. Lawr returned to Georgetown, Ontario where he met and married his wife, and began his family. He was interviewed in 2015 by Brandon Baijnauth and David McCall.